Announcement from the Pastor: Save the Sept.28th Date!

Theology Uncapped

Although it is very early, I want to give you a good heads up about a program I am very excited to be a part of. There is (for now, it may become more) a three-part series called, Theology Uncapped at St. Benedict’s Church.

The three parts are a discussion between  Pastor Peter Kowitz from United Lutheran Church in Proctor, and me.

I have met Pastor Kowitz once so far, and he is a very impressive individual. I look forward to these discussions on the faith. They are not debates, but hopefully constructive conversations, which will include questions from the crowd.

Our first “Theology Uncapped” will be Thursday, Sept. 28, 6:30 pm, at St. Benedict’s, and the topic is called “The Papacy, Necessary or Unnecessary”.

The reason I bring this up so early is that there is need to RSVP,  because space is limited, and there is a cost which includes a catered meal and beverage of wine, beer, or pop.

The cost is $20 per person, and it will fill up.

My hope is that it will fill up with parishioners from our parishes. This is a rare opportunity to hear a conversation between a Catholic priest and a Lutheran minister about our different faith traditions.

Future topics will be the “Virgin Mary” and  “Celibacy in Ministry”.

You can RSVP to Deacon Carl Provost at [email protected]

Or Phone: 218.624.4400

If you do not RSVP you cannot expect to get in. The sooner the better since this will be advertised broadly not only in the Catholic Church but with the Lutheran community as well.

(Fr. Rich)