Month: February 2019

Built Upon a Rock Festival SATURDAY NIGHT SEPTEMBER 14, 2019

Built Upon A Rock Festival

4:00 Mass (Cathedral)
5:00 Concert gates open
5:15-6:00 Dana Catherine
6:30-8:00 Fr. Kevin McGolrick
Benediction to follow (Cathedral)

Built Upon a Rock Fest is a free outdoor concert held on the grounds of the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Rosary in Duluth, MN. After the 4:00pm Mass in the Cathedral, head across the street to enjoy the stunning on-stage musical performances from nationally known Catholic artists Fr. Kevin McGolrick and Dana Catherine.

Free live entertainment (and free food!) with the backdrop of beautiful Lake Superior: an exhilarating and breathtaking experience, regardless of your faith background. The concert is not a praise and worship event. It is a simple, casual concert in an authentically Catholic atmosphere.

Eucharistic Adoration will take place in the Cathedral, coinciding with the concert, and there will be opportunities for Confession as well.

Fr. Kevin McGoldrick, Headlining Act & Dana Catherine, Special Guest

An Important Message from the Pastor

Father Drew Braun

Fr. Drew’s News

I feel prompted by the Holy Spirit to write a little bit about personal pilgrimages and retreats in my column this week.

I have been blessed to partake in both a personal pilgrimage and retreat over the past month. I say blessed, because I know for some people this may seem like an impossibility given their current circumstances in life: perhaps the demands of kids, family, work, or whatever it may be makes it a real challenge to even find any personal time.

But despite the business of our lives I want to encourage all of you to consider taking a pilgrimage or a retreat, for it is precisely because of the business that we need to do so.

I just think it is so important. So, so important. I truly don’t know if there has been anything in my life that has been more influential than some of the personal pilgrimages I have made.

Nothing has changed the trajectory of my life more than pilgrimages. And I’m not even speaking hyperbolically here. I really think I can authentically and truthfully say that the pilgrimage I took to Medjugorje when I was 13 and my recent trip to the Holy Land has impacted my life unlike anything else. It has changed me.

It has born so much fruit in my life. And so I simply encourage you. Maybe you’re rolling your eyes at me and thinking, “Oh, wouldn’t that be nice, Father, but no way I can pull that off”. Maybe. But I know my parents carted three of us young kids across an ocean on a pilgrimage that to me now seems like absolute insanity. It was expensive. It was far away. We were so young. But I can tell you right now, were it not for that pilgrimage and the “insanity” of my parents, I don’t think I would be a priest today. To be honest I’m not sure I’d be Catholic. It changed everything. It transformed our family and our faith.

So consider taking some time. Try to make it happen. Go on a pilgrimage or make a quiet retreat somewhere. I just know for me it has born so much fruit. I hope you can experience that as well.

The Holy Land

Stella Maris Delivers Valentines to Our Police

Duluth Police Chief Mike Tusken

Today Ashley and Abigail Morris delivered Valentine cards to DPD on behalf of Stella Maris Academy MN.

Ashely and Abigail’s father is Duluth police sergeant Ryan Morris.

(NOTE: Our Principal’s husband, Mark Frederickson is also a police officer.)

Extra special is the children prayed over the Valentines to keep our officers safe and well!

On behalf of DPD, our hearts are filled with your love and support!

Happy Valentine’s Day Stella Maris Academy MN

Stella Maris Academy Newsletter for February 5, 2019

The above attached newsletter is now the “Stella Maris Academy Monthly Newsletter.”  This one newsletter will cover all SMA wide events and activities for the upcoming month.

This newsletter will be published and sent out in advance of the upcoming month, typically the last Thursday of the month.

The campus specific newsletters that were sent out every two weeks will be replaced with an email directly from the campus principal or office with the most important and necessary information for that campus when necessary and appropriate.

In Christ,
Peggy Frederickson

Here are some highlights from Catholic Schools Week at the Holy Rosary Campus– with a Shout Out to Mrs. Tessier who coordinated these activities, making it the Best. Ever. Thank you, Mrs. Tessier!

Catholic Schools Week

The Students were given clues throughout their classrooms with religious trivia. They had to use spy pens, word decoders, QR readers and more to reveal where their next clue was hidden. When we got to the gym with their final clue, everyone pieced together the puzzle, which was their final clue, a four letter word: MARY. This unlocked Fr. Rich & Fr. Jeremy, and set them free.   —Mrs. Tessier

Catholic Schools Week: Holy Rosary Campus

Another activity the students engaged in took place in the gym on Monday morning where the students saw the bags they had decorated all lit up and arranged in the shape of a heart. They then prayed together the chaplet of Divine Mercy for the people for whom they’d created their bags. The darkened gym was quite literally lit with their prayers.

One favorite activity held throughout the year is having the older students reading to the younger ones. Here is just one example of two St. John’s parishioners enjoying their time together.


Please enjoy the Stella Maris newsletter from our Holy Rosary Campus!  Follow the link below.

Kindergarten this week had lessons on the 5 senses, one of which was identifying the scents in little containers provided by their teacher, Amanda Tessier.  It was a great day to be a volunteer for an incredibly imaginative teacher who was kind enough to gift me with these great photos!   Her newsletter is featured here!

Stella Maris Kindergarten

Stella Maris Kindergarten


First graders had the opportunity to learn all about different saints during the fourth graders’ Saint Report Presentations last Friday. The students worked hard on their posters and they turned out fabulous.

Sharing Saint Reports

Sharing Saint Reports

Sharing Saint Reports



Please enjoy the Stella Maris newsletter from our Holy Rosary Campus!  Follow the link below.

Holy Rosary Campus News 11.16.2018

Holy Rosary Campus News 11.2.2018

Holy Rosary Campus News 10.17.18

Holy Rosary Campus News 10.5.18 (1)



A Part-Time Musical Director for St. John’s Parish

St. John’s Parish is seeking a part-time music director. The applicant must be available for weekend Masses and some office hours during the week. The position is approximately 10-15 hours per week.

The applicant must have significant choral experience, expertise with Catholic traditional and contemporary music and leadership and organizational skills. Musical directing experience is preferred.

Hourly wage will be determined according to prior experience.

Call the parish office for a full job description: 724-6332.

Stella Maris Academy 6th Graders Travel to the Capitol

The 6th graders traveled to the State Capitol on Wednesday where they had the opportunity to tour the building, attend an informative program with local legislators, and see politics in action!


Spelling Bee Finalists

St. John the Evangelist Campus News 1.18.19

St. John the Evangelist Campus News 1.4.19

St. John the Evangelist Campus News 11.30.2018

St. John the Evangelist Campus Newsletter 11.16.2018

St. John the Evangelist Campus Newsletter 11.02.2018

St. John the Evangelist Campus Newsletter 10.18.2018

St. John the Evangelist Campus News 10.05.18

Wolf Ridge 2018

Jesse Murray, Principal, St. John’s Campus

Mission Statement

Commissioned by the Catholic Church, the Stella Maris Academy community prepares lifelong learners who lead, love, and serve as Jesus taught—transforming our world one student at a time.

Highlights From The First Weeks of School

The students are into their daily class routines. Special events during the first few weeks have highlighted our mission in action. Check them out. Great things are happening at Stella Maris Academy.

Student Service

We have received multiple compliments and thank you’s for our students’ involvement in volunteering at the Built on a Rock Concert, Donut Sunday, and the Cathedral’s fall parish picnic. Most recently, students relocated the 300+ reams of paper, Kleenex and Clorox wipes, and tons of wood chips (of which multiple hours came from students coming after school to make this happen). Students work toward achieving fifteen hours of service during a year, five hours of service for their church, their school, and their community!

Wood Chip Project
Wood Chip Project
Wood Chip Project

Sentinels Cross Country Running

The first race of the year was held at Hermantown Middle School. Sixteen of our forty two racers were ready to compete in the 7th and 8th grade divisions last week. Ava Revoir (7th Grade), John Meyer (6th Grade), and Owen Hayden (7th Grade) raced in the top 25 of the their age group. Upcoming races include the LCA Invite on October 2, the Swain Invite (7th/8th Grade) and Harvest Run (5th/6th Grade) on October 6.

Formation Retreat

With the theme “strength in numbers”, the upper middle schoolstudents of Stella Maris Academy focused on the role of friendship in their faith and life. The day in- volved talks, games, small groups and time for pray- er. This was a great way to kick off the new year with Christ at the center of all relationships! This retreat was lead by the National Evangelization Team.

Formation Retreat
Formation Retreat
Formation Retreat

Other News

Stay Connected—as we venture through the first trimester, you may want more information about Work-thon, Chromebooks use, volunteer opportunities, daily routines, Rediker access/functionality, and elective options. Once a Trimester, Mr. Murray will be hosting a morning and evening open session to share highlights, discuss upcoming events, and answer questions to make sure new and current families are connected. Although very beneficial for new families, all parents are welcome to attend. The first trimester event will be October 10th following our 8:30am morning Mass and then again at 5:30pm that evening. An agenda will be emailed the week before the event.

Homework and weekly student progress — Students progress is updated every Thursday night by your child’s teacher. Friday is a great time to check in on weekly progress, student participation, and responsibility. Three im- portant windows you can monitor are the calendar (for daily homework), progress (current grade for each class), and recent scores (chronological log of student work). Click here for a generic image. Log into your Rediker account to view your child’s progress.

After School Study Sessions—On Monday, Tuesday and Thursday each week, a classroom has been dedicated to a quiet and focused study room. This room will be supervised by a teacher and is available for students to complete their homework, make up tests and quizzes. An activities bus will depart at 4:00pm to take students to Ordean to pick up their homebound route . There is no charge for the study session. Students must have homework, class- work or independent work to attend these sessions. Call the office or send a note with your child to attend one or more of the study sessions.

Work-A-Thon —The first fundraiser of the year starts today! Student packets (letter, pledge sheet, and sponsor let- ter) were sent home yesterday with all the information about the Work-A-Thon. The students will be participating in service projects in our community on Friday, October 12th. NEW this year: we have an online option for donations called Give Now. Copy this link and email to friends and families. This is a great way to have friends and families from outside of Duluth to support the students and this great service project. It is easy to give. You can also direct them to the SMA website and scroll down to “Give Now”. Please have donors add the student’s name for whom they would like the donation credited.

Family Association News—The Family Association meets monthly on campus. The next two meetings will be Oc- tober 11th and November 8th. Meetings are from 9:00am-10:00am. The Family Association is currently working on the upcoming dance dates and theme, donut Sunday events at our parishes, lunchroom support and upcoming teacher appreciation events. Be on the look out for details on these events. If you signed up at Parent Night using the helping hands sheets, you will be contacted directly by the coordinator of these events.

You are invited! – Stella Maris Academy all campus Mass will be held on Tuesday, October 2 at 10:00 am. Join us for Mass at 10:00am and stay for coffee and rolls following Mass to welcome new families to the Stella Maris Acad- emy community. This special Mass will be held at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Rosary with Bishop Sirba pre- siding. Please join us in this awesome celebration.

School Pictures—Picture day is scheduled for Monday, October 8, 2018. Information from Lifetouch will be going home next week with your child. All students will have their pictures taken, but only those with orders will receive pictures. You must turn in the envelope with payment to order pictures. All students will be dressed in uniform for fall pictures.

St. John the Evangelist Campus Newsletter

St. John the Evangelist Campus Newsletter

Uniform Message—Just a reminder that pants and shorts with outside sewn pockets are not part of our uniform. The teachers have seen students in black jean-like pants. The policy states, “black or grey chino or dress pants in full -length style with internal seams and internal pockets.” View the uniform policy here.

Land’s End Uniform Sale—Friends and Family Sale—40% off regular priced items. Enter the promotional code LESUFRIEND and PIN 1470 at checkout to receive the discount.

Bishop’s Scholarship Dinner Volunteers The Bishop’s Scholarship Dinner is scheduled for Sunday, October 7, and the group responsible for planning the event has requested a few volunteers to help out during and after the event. Greeters, coat checkers, and thank you note writers are needed. The event is on a weekend, and the note writing can take place outside of the school day. This is a good opportunity for a flexible and evening/weekend volunteer opportunity. If you’d like to support this event, please follow the link Scholarship Dinner Sign Up. If you are interested in attending the event, contact Terese Kenny ([email protected]).

13th Annual Diocesan Assembly Have trouble discussing complex moral topics with your kids and others? Want to better understand God’s plan for love? Want to know why Humanae Vitae is important (and how to pronounce it)? Join the club!

Your opportunity to pray, learn, and worship with your Church family is on Saturday, October 13th at the Annual Di- ocesan Assembly. Join Bishop Paul Sirba at Marshall School in Duluth as international speaker Colin MacIver, LIVE from Ascension Press, presents “Made in His Image… Made to Love.” If you’ve heard of Theology of the Body (TOB) for Teens, Colin is an author and presenter in the videos. You can see his biography from the link on the Assembly website at

Newly added: Mothers’ Room with live-streaming video of the auditorium in case babies need extra attention. Also added is a Rosary for reparation for our Church led by Bishop Sirba and others at the end of the lunch hour.

Upcoming Events

The Work-a-thon: Look for kids asking for support for the Academy.  Our service day will be October 12th 8:30-11:00 am

Thursday, 9/27 7th Grade Laurentian Information Meeting

Tuesday, 10/2 SMA Mass at 10:00 a.m.

Tuesday 10/2– Friday 10/5 7th Grade Laurentian Field Trip

Thursday 10/4– Friday 10/5 8th Grade Earth Science Field Trip

Sunday, 10/7 Bishop’s Scholarship Dinner

Monday, 10/8 School Pictures

Wednesday 10/10 Parent Orientation with the Principal

Thursday 10/11 Family Association Meeting

Friday, 10/12 Work-A-Thon

Saturday, 10/13 Diocesan Assembly Day

Thursday & Friday 10/18 & 10/19 No School

Here is a link to the Stella Maris Newsletter from Holy Rosary Campus

Peggy Frederickson, Principal, Stella Maris Holy Rosary Campus