Month: November 2019

The Pope Francis Commission

The Pope Francis Commission is a committee of St. John’s Church members seeking ways of bringing our Catholic Faith in words and deeds to those in our community in need of basic necessities.

Food Shelf

Non-perishable food items can be dropped off in the designated boxes at the entrances of the church. Cash donations can be placed in the collection or mailed to the parish office. Your envelope should be marked “Food Shelf Donation”. Cash donations will be mailed directly to the Food Shelf and non-perishable food items will be brought to the Food Shelf by a volunteer driver.

Giving Tree

St. John’s helps out families from the parish and surrounding area that may not be able to purchase gifts during the holidays because of financial or some other hardships with our Giving Tree. The weekend of Thanksgiving a tree is put up decorated with ornaments made by the Religious Education and School children. Tags are attached to the ornaments with requests for gifts and food. These gifts are collected until the week before Christmas. Second collections are held during Advent to help purchase larger gifts, food baskets or any tags remaining on the Giving Tree. Gifts and food are distributed by parish volunteers the weekend before Christmas.

E-mail Sarah with an offer of much needed help: [email protected]

Union Gospel Mission

This ministry involves serving lunches and dinners to patrons of Union Gospel Mission several times a month. E-mail Bruce Mars if you are interested in serving. They also serve a Christmas dinner on December 17 and are looking for members to help with that particular time–from about 3:30 – 7:00.

For more information, call the parish office or contact Bruce Mars at [email protected]

E-mail Bruce Mars with an offer to serve meals and/or to help with the Christmas dinner.

Reminders about the New Mass Schedule & UCA News

Saint John’s

Monday thru Friday………………..8:00 am

Saturday ……………………………. 4:30 pm

Sunday……………………………    10:30 am

Saint Joseph’s

Sunday………………………………………….9:00 am

Fr. Drew’s News

 I am always amazed at how generous you are here at St. John’s and St. Joseph’s.  Our monthly second collections are a major sign of that generosity.  We give a great deal to the organizations we support, and they are extremely grateful for it.

Your support to your respective parishes is also significant.  Thank you for that as well. But  I’m  reaching  out  to  you  today  to  draw  your attention to our annual UCA (United Catholic Appeal).  

Each year we are assessed a particular number and in one way or another we are responsible to pay our portion of the UCA.  With the end of the year less than two months away, I have looked at St. John’s UCA money collected, and we are just barely over halfway towards our goal.  We still need $30,441. (Assessed $71,271.) 

And St. Joseph’s has collected $9,600 of their assessed $15,387 goal. Years ago we were very good about paying our UCA, but more recently we have fallen further and further short of our assessment.  I think it’s time that we turn this trend around. 

I believe that many are just simply unaware that we even are this short in our collection, and so I hope to just raise an awareness of what we still need. I think we have an opportunity here to join together as parishes and take pride in the fact that we meet our UCA goal each year. 

I have been a part of parishes in the past who redoubled their efforts and strived to meet their goal when maybe in past years they hadn’t.  I found it very inspiring and telling of the life of those parishes that they would commit to this goal.  In the end it raised the entire spirit of the parish when they had begun to collect the necessary money well ahead of schedule.  I hope to do that here at St. John’s and St. Joseph’s. 

I would ask all of us to focus our efforts on our UCA.  Let’s really try to meet our goal.  And be proud to do so.                -Fr. Drew