Deacon Walt & Ana Beier

Real Presence Catholic Radio recently interviewed our Deacon and his wife, two people who have given so much to their family, our parish and our community for over 40 years of marriage. 


We invite you to listen to the interview. Although it is somewhat disjointed because this is also a fund drive week for Real Presence, in between the plugs to support Catholic Radio, is a great deal of information about how these two have lived their lives.  



And we thank them for all they’ve given!


Deacon Walter and Ana Bier are Duluth natives who grew up (not knowing each other) in the same parish. Both of them had early conversions to a serious faith life, in part through their introduction to Natural Family Planning and Theology of the Body. They are parents of four adult children.


Please enjoy the interview!  It begins at Minute 11:15!


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