A Message from Fr. Drew

Parish Mission: May 2019

Fr. Drew’s News

We’re wrapping up a few things as we approach the summer months. Soon school will be out, and we’ve finished our year of religious education, and this Wednesday, May 22nd, 6:30 p.m., Bishop will be coming to confirm those young men and women who have been preparing for the Sacrament of Confirmation.

But before you head out to the cabin to enjoy your summer break, I hope that you will come join us for our 40 HOUR PARISH MISSION!!

The flyer above has all the details for the weekend.

I am extremely excited to have my good friend, Fr. Brandon Moravitz, lead us on this weekend retreat. Fr. Brandon is an incredible speaker and preacher! Don’t miss it!

The weekend will be packed with inspiring talks, beautiful music, and time for prayer and reflection. We will also have some time for confessions.

Please come join us for this spirit filled weekend. I promise you’ll walk away with a heart set on FIRE!

We all need a good retreat sometimes. I remember someone once telling me we are like balloons that have a continuous leak, and we need to be filled up from time to time, or else we just go spiritually flat.

I really wanted to offer this weekend to help fill us up! Come be filled up! May the Holy Spirit set our parishes ablaze! – Fr. Drew