A Shortcut to the New Ministry Schedule

St. John The Evangelist Catholic Church


A Note from Anny Goeb, Secretary

You are receiving your schedule for April 27-June 9th.

Log on to “web4ucorp.com/ministries/johnmn

You do not need a user name or password.  Click on “Schedules,” then click on the current schedule. 

You can request a sub if you are scheduled at a time not convenient for you.  Simply click on “Find a sub,” fill in your email address, choose the date and time and send an email.  Both you and I will receive an email when someone fills your request.

We probably still have some glitches to figure out, but I hope this new program works for both you and us.  Feel free to call if you have a problem.  Once I send the schedule, I will be able to see what you are looking at and can hopefully help you.   —Anny