An Announcement from Fr. Drew

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In my time here as pastor of St. John and St. Joseph, I’ve had a number of people approach me and request that we have the Precious Blood (NOT “Wine”) available for reception at Mass.  While each parish is different and some don’t have the Precious Blood available for various and good reasons, I’ve decided I’d like to have the option available to you here at our parishes. And so, starting the weekend of October 19th & 20th, we will have the precious chalices from which you can receive.

HOWEVER, this change will require a greater number of Eucharistic Ministers.  And so I ask you to please consider helping us out in this capacity.  I know many will say to themselves, “I am not worthy,” but none of us are worthy, yet God still wants you and needs you for this mission. 

If you are interested, please call the parish office and let Michelle or Anny know. We will have a training for ALL Eucharistic Ministers, new and old, after the 4:30 Mass on October 12th, and an additional training after the 10:30 Mass on October 13th.  You only need to attend one of these trainings. I’m just giving you a couple options.

St. Joseph’s – ALL Eucharistic Ministers will have a training session immediately following Mass on October 20th.

Note that during the “flu season” and the winter months we will not have chalices available so as not to spread any sickness.    Thank you for your           understanding.

I am excited to offer you a fuller expression of receiving Communion by having the Precious Body and Precious Blood of our Lord at Mass!!  Praise Him for these great gifts!  The very gift of Himself.   —Father Drew