An Appeal from the Pastor to the People of Our Parishes

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“Father Rich, these are NOT Worms!!

 As we continue through our inaugural year of our new citywide school of Stella Maris Academy, there are a lot of exciting things happening that we couldn’t have done had we been four separate small schools as in the past.

 Certainly the teachers would tell you one of the big advantages is having the opportunity to have more than one class of a particular grade at one location. Here on the East side of town, at the Holy Rosary Campus in particular, there are 2-3 classrooms of each grade, and that gives the teachers the ability to work together– something they did not have in the past, and they love it.


There are all sorts of benefits for having united our Catholic Schools, but there have been some challenges, too. One of them is the need for more financial aid to help kids go to a Catholic School who otherwise would be unable.

Because of the socioeconomic differences between the east and west sides of town our ability to offer aid has been challenged. This is mostly going to be a difficulty as we move forward trying to figure out how aid is distributed considering the limited availability.

 I write this to look for support from parishioners. I have done this sort of “ask” before with a lot of success and help from you. What I am hoping is for people to come forward who may be interested or willing to help out one of our own parish families when it comes to sponsoring part or all of a year’s tuition.

Even if you can only afford a little bit, anything would help. In this situation my goal is to strictly help our own parishioners with this, as there is a definite need.

Please see me if you may be interested in this sort of charitable work as it is a great cause!

—Fr. Rich

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