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News from Our DRE, Sonya Morris:Classes Resume Dec.2

As our liturgical year comes to an end, we celebrate the Solemnity of Christ the King on Sunday, November 22.

We call to mind what we have been learning in faith formation this year about prayer. Have we become complacent in our spiritual lives and in our family’s spiritual lives?  We must not!  We need to work hard every day, with the help of the Holy Spirit, to draw ourselves and our families closer to Jesus Christ. 

We acknowledge the kingship of Christ by dedicating ourselves to prayer and to the building up of our families and parish community.  Look for opportunities to volunteer. Even during these turbulent times there are opportunities to donate (the Giving Tree is one example), to volunteer (St. Francis Commission is still involved in helping the Union Gospel Mission) and to pray for others. (St. John’s & St Joseph’s have a prayer chain).  Help build up the kingdom of God and your parish community by taking part in these or other worthwhile endeavors.

There are no faith formation classes during Thanksgiving week. Classes will resume on Wednesday, December 2, with our K-5 classes.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

God Bless,
Sonya Morris

Our next faith formation class is Wednesday, November 11th. Middle and high school students will be meeting at St. John’s and the Cathedral from 7 pm – 8:30 pm where they will have a chance to connect with their friends and community.

As we move into the month of November we focus on thanksgiving. We remember that all of our prayers should start with thanking the most important person in our lives, our Lord Jesus Christ.

We continue to thank Him for all the wonderful things He has blessed us with and offer him our prayers of thanksgiving.

Our next faith formation class is Wednesday, November 11th. Middle and high school students will be meeting at St. John’s and the Cathedral from 7 pm – 8:30 pm where they will have a chance to connect with their friends and community.

If you or someone you know still needs to register please feel free to contact me.

Have a blessed week.

In Christ,

Sonya Morris

Our next class is Wednesday, October 28th, for our middle and high school students. Everyone will be meeting at the Cathedral in the church space from 7-8:30. Our special guest speaker, Sr. Lisa Maurer, will be giving an inspirational talk to kick off our year of prayer.

We have successfully started all of our faith formation programs. God has blessed us with many things this year, and more students than we could have hoped for during these uncertain times have registered for our classes.

Please continue to pray for us and pass along the message to anyone who may want to participate in our program.

We are offering an online option to those who are not comfortable coming in person. We will have live stream videos of our classes and some at home activities that will help our young people in their prayer life now and hopefully forever.

Sister Lisa Maurer, Guest Speaker

Adoration, P & W, & Reconciliation

Advent Event at St. Lawrence: Dec. 12, 7 PM




6+ priests available for confessions.

All religious education programs are coming. Big thanks to all DREs, youth ministers,  and faith formation directors for doing this great evening for our youth and others again this year!

Faith Formation from the DRE of St. John’s: Morgan McCleary

Morgan McCleary

 Our classes began on Oct 3rd this year at St John’s! Our program serves 20 students on regular class nights and 30 on sacramental prep nights. We have 15 2nd grade students preparing for their First Reconciliation coming up in December! 
 We have been learning about how much God loves us through the sacraments, the Bible, prayer, and what an awesome example of virtue He has given us through the lives of the Saints! Soon we will be talking about Advent and preparing for the arrival of baby Jesus at Christmas.
We are also still in need of a teacher or two to serve the kids on Wednesday evenings. 
 Please keep our program, the teachers, and the students in your prayers!


2017 First Communiton

2017 First Communion


Faith Formation Calendar (K-5)

All classes are held 6 pm-7:15 pm

Please drop off & pick up in St John’s Parish Basement


Oct 3rd (Classes Begin)

Oct 10th

Oct 17th (No Class- MEA)

Oct 24th

Oct 31st (All Hallow’s Eve)


Nov 7th

Nov 14th

Nov 21st (No Class- Thanksgiving)

Nov 28th


Dec 5th

Dec 12th

Dec 19th

Dec 26th (No Class- Christmas Break)




Jan 2nd

Jan 9th

Jan 16th

Jan 23rd

Jan 30th


Feb 6th


Feb 20th (No Class- Winter Break)

Feb 27th


March 6th (No Class- Ash Wednesday)

March 13th

March 20th

March 27th


April 3

April 10th (No Class- Spring Break)

April 17th (No Class- Holy Week)

April 24th


May 1st

May 8th (Last Day of Class)