Father Drew’s News: March 28th

Hello everyone, Father Drew here. Just a quick note to get the word out that we have this page up and running. We are hoping to use this space to provide updates as well as our weekly schedule. We also plan to use this platform to stream Mass.

On a personal note, I have had a lot of you reach out to see how I am doing. Thank you all for your love and support. I, like all of us, am just trying to take it day by day and adjust to this new world we find ourselves in. Please know that I am thinking of you all and how I can best serve you during this difficult time.

March 20th

Hello everyone.  How are you holding up?  Things are super unsettling right now in our world and also very likely in your head.  It has left us all in different places.  Some frozen.  Some scared.  Others not so scared.  Will it be worse tomorrow, or just the same?  There is simply so much uncertainty.  And we are often scared when faced with uncertainty.

But we are certain of at least one thing.  God is with us.  I invite you to turn to him now in the moment.  This is a great time for prayer.  In practical ways, we really can’t do much, but perhaps one of the best activities for us to do while we wait this out is pray.  A quarantine activity for you to consider.

Overall my brothers and sisters, trust in the Lord.  I wrote to you just a couple weeks ago about trials.  We are faced with one here.  Be strong in your faith.  Lean into the Lord.  He is our eternal Rock, our Stronghold, our Refuge, our Fortress, and our God in whom we trust.  Be not afraid.

With love for all of you,

Fr. Drew

Prayer at “Virtual Mass” at Communion Time

“I wish, my Lord, to receive you with the purity, humility, and devotion with which your most holy Mother received you, with the spirit and fervor of the saints.”