March 12, 2018: Further Info about Author, George Weigel, Who Will Speak at St. John’s Parish

Father Richard Kunst

Father’s Ramblings

As has been announced a few times (and posters are up), George Weigel (author of Witness to Hope,  the biography of St. John Paul II) will be visiting our parish next month for a talk on the eve of Monday, March 12th.

Like the Gianna Molla event this past fall, this is an event that is being advertised throughout the entire diocese, so there is likely to be a big crowd.

 Weigel will be talking about his latest book, Lessons in Hope, which is the story of his relationship with Pope John Paul. I have read this book already, and I have to say it is very entertaining, because he is telling the stories of all his interactions with the future saint.


I love telling the stories of my handful of encounters with John Paul II, but few people in the world have had the amount of access Mr. Weigel has had.

It is a fascinating book that is hard to put down. The parish has purchased several copies of the book, and they are available for purchase. Please call the parish office if you are interested, and then you can have the opportunity to have them signed by the author.

We hope you will join us for this extraordinary to be held at St. John’s.  —Father Rich

Witness To Hope by George Weigel

Lessons In Hope, My Unexpected Life with St. John Paul II












Past Information about the Upcoming Event

Late last year as you will recall, we had the honor of having Dr. Gianna Molla, the daughter of St. Gianna Molla, visit our parish. It was a big deal to have such a person to visit, and we had a very good crowd that came out to listen to her talk about her “Saint Mom.”

Well, I am equally excited to make another announcement of a guest coming to our parish that is of equal significance.

On Monday, March 12th, St. John’s will have the honor of welcoming author, George Weigel, to our parish.

The unfortunate thing is that many people in the pews might be unfamiliar with his name, but he is regularly on the NY Times’ bestseller’s list, is a leading authority in the English speaking world on the Catholic Church, and is a Distinguished Senior Fellow of Washington’s, Ethics and Public Policy Center.

But most significantly he is the author of the most comprehensive biography written about Pope John Paul II.

His 1998 biography, Witness to Hope (which I have read multiple times) is the most complete book on the life of JP II.   The thing that is really impressive about it is that Pope John Paul II was the one who asked Weigel to write it.

 Weigel is a syndicated columnist who is regularly featured in our diocesan newspaper,  The Northern Cross.

This is a coup to have been able to get Mr. Weigel to come to Duluth, let alone to our parish. He will be speaking about his relationship with St. John Paul II and about the writing of the biography.

Both before his arrival and while he is here, we will also have his latest book, Lessons in Hope, available for purchase.  You will be able to have it autographed.

I am very excited about this visit, and you will hear much more about it in the coming weeks. So please mark your calendar for March 12th to come and enjoy this extraordinary event for our parishes!