Meeting Parishioners, Dan Rentschler & Marie Mullen, on Real Presence Radio

Parishioner, Dan Rentschler

On a recent episode of Real Presence Live, hosts, Father Rich & Father Moravitz, interview two of  St. John’s parishioners.  Dan Rentschler presently pilots a ship on the Great Lakes and previously spent close to ten years as a captain  of two others.  How his faith life is incorporated into his work life is part of the interview,  along with many  facts connected to life on a Laker. 


Join the hosts, our very own pastor and Father Moravitz as they explore Dan’s  fascinating career and spiritual journey aboard the Great Lakes ships.  What follows is the interview with Dan Rentschler at the 43 minute mark.




Fr. Rich & Marie Mullen on Real Presence Radio Live

During the second hour of this Real Presence Live, Marie Mullen, one of the chairs of the Built Upon a Rockfest joined the hosts to promote the  Catholic music festival to be held on the campus of Holy Rosary Cathedral for the second year in a row.  The event was so well received last summer and included music by Catholic bands along with Mass, Adoration and Reconciliation–along with a lot of food and camaraderie  in a healthy environment. 

We welcome Marie’s contributions to this event.  A   GoFundMe page exists as they are always looking for financial help in the promotion of this worthwhile event.  Here is the link:

Marie’s interview begins at about the 39 minute mark.



Contact Information for Built Upon a Rockfest:

5:00 Mass (Cathedral)
6:00 Concert gates open
6:15-7:00 Luke Spehar
7:30-9:00 Ike Ndolo
9:30 Benediction (Cathedral)



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