Parish Giving

The primary source of income for the parish is the regular collection taken at all of our Masses. The collection contains envelope offerings as well as the plate collection. It is necessary that all members of the parish contribute their fair share if we are to maintain a sound financial base in the parish.

As a parishioner, you now have several ways to support the parish: contribution envelopes, Vanco Services or on-line bill pay.

  1. Contribution Envelopes: all parishioners receive contribution envelopes in the mail every other month. Your packet will contain an envelope for each week of the month along with an special collections for that month, i.e. holy days, UCA, building fund, diocesan special collections.
  2. Vanco Services-Electronic Giving – once you complete and sign an authorization form and return it to the parish office, the contribution amount you specify will automatically be transferred from your bank account to the church’s bank account. Your contribution will be debited on the date you specified on the authorization form. Your bank statement will show your transaction as well as the parish receiving a record of your donation. It’s safe, convenient and no cost to you.
  3. On-line Bill Pay – for those of us who are comfortable using computers, the on-line bill pay is also an easy, convenient and safe way to support the parish. You simply make St. John’s one of your “vendors” and as you pay your monthly bills, indicate the amount you wish to contribute and the bank sends us a check in the mail.

Or set up St. John’s as a “recurring transaction” through your bill pay. The bank then automatically sends us your contribution on the date and for the amount you indicate. You don’t even have to initiate the transaction.

By using any of the above methods to support St. John’s, we will be able to furnish you with a record of your contributions for tax purposes. If you simply put money in the collection basket, we have no way of crediting this to your statement.

It is not just a matter of contributing to pay the parish bills, but also a way in which we thank God for all the gifts He has given us.