Pope Francis Celebrates His 15th Anniversary as Cardinal

Jorge Bergoglio as cardinal


This is an autographed photo of Pope John Paul with the newly consecrated Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio, our Pope Francis.

I’m always impressed by the brotherhood of the priesthood. You can see that in this photograph as well as the recognition that Pope John Paul II as recently   canonized by Pope Francis. They were really brothers in this life and especially in their priesthood. Sharing the priesthood: you can see this in this photograph.

Another thing that is interesting is the humility of Pope Francis, because his signature on the top line just simply says, Bergoglio. The bottom line says, Bishop of Buenos Aires, in German, because it was a German who actually got this item in person.

This photograph was taken during the conclave of the consistory that elevated Bergoglio to the cardinalate. It was the largest consistory elevation of cardinals in the history of the church. Historically speaking, in more than one way, it was choosing the future pope. It’s also interesting that Pope Francis is the first pope, obviously, that was made a cardinal by John Paul II—the last three popes were elevated by Pope Paul VI.

I love the fact that he puts Bishop of Buenos Aires below his name. He takes such pride in his role as bishop. And he’s assumed the great role of being the Bishop of Rome now as one of John Paul II’s successors.  —Father Rich