Stella Maris Academy Newsletter for February 5, 2019

The above attached newsletter is now the “Stella Maris Academy Monthly Newsletter.”  This one newsletter will cover all SMA wide events and activities for the upcoming month.

This newsletter will be published and sent out in advance of the upcoming month, typically the last Thursday of the month.

The campus specific newsletters that were sent out every two weeks will be replaced with an email directly from the campus principal or office with the most important and necessary information for that campus when necessary and appropriate.

In Christ,
Peggy Frederickson

Here are some highlights from Catholic Schools Week at the Holy Rosary Campus– with a Shout Out to Mrs. Tessier who coordinated these activities, making it the Best. Ever. Thank you, Mrs. Tessier!

Catholic Schools Week

The Students were given clues throughout their classrooms with religious trivia. They had to use spy pens, word decoders, QR readers and more to reveal where their next clue was hidden. When we got to the gym with their final clue, everyone pieced together the puzzle, which was their final clue, a four letter word: MARY. This unlocked Fr. Rich & Fr. Jeremy, and set them free.   —Mrs. Tessier

Catholic Schools Week: Holy Rosary Campus

Another activity the students engaged in took place in the gym on Monday morning where the students saw the bags they had decorated all lit up and arranged in the shape of a heart. They then prayed together the chaplet of Divine Mercy for the people for whom they’d created their bags. The darkened gym was quite literally lit with their prayers.

One favorite activity held throughout the year is having the older students reading to the younger ones. Here is just one example of two St. John’s parishioners enjoying their time together.


Please enjoy the Stella Maris newsletter from our Holy Rosary Campus!  Follow the link below.

Kindergarten this week had lessons on the 5 senses, one of which was identifying the scents in little containers provided by their teacher, Amanda Tessier.  It was a great day to be a volunteer for an incredibly imaginative teacher who was kind enough to gift me with these great photos!   Her newsletter is featured here!

Stella Maris Kindergarten

Stella Maris Kindergarten


First graders had the opportunity to learn all about different saints during the fourth graders’ Saint Report Presentations last Friday. The students worked hard on their posters and they turned out fabulous.

Sharing Saint Reports

Sharing Saint Reports

Sharing Saint Reports



Please enjoy the Stella Maris newsletter from our Holy Rosary Campus!  Follow the link below.

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