Tuesday Family Nights at St. John’s

If you stop by St. John’s parking lot on Tuesday evenings this summer you will see a large circle of lawn chairs occupied by adults relaxing and visiting with each other, while the gaga pit has twenty children playing and cheering each other on.

Tuesday family nights have become a new parish tradition this summer, with 50-60 people gathering for a potluck meal and time for fellowship. It has been a wonderful opportunity for families to stay connected or reconnect as busy summer schedules leave little time for slowing down. 

Some families have known each other for years, while others are new to the parish.   There are also many new families as many little ones crawl around.

Tuesday nights also give us a chance to get to know our pastor better as the men often gather around to grill Fr. Drew while he grills food for us!

Come join us as we enjoy the beautiful Duluth weather in these last few weeks of summer, and put a name with the faces you see at Mass! Everyone is welcome.

Feel free to contact Fr Drew or Emily & Isaac Patrick (218-724-1407) if you have any questions.